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The slightly wordy bit!

Serious About St Neots is a community not for profit organisation with a mission to benefit the people

of our town by being the catalyst for generating community pride & participation.

Our ambition is to make a real difference to the lives & wellbeing of the community, to create an identity

for the town & help build a positive future for those that live, work & play in the town.

As part of this, we have created a community app, which we hope will become the platform for trusted local information

& the hub for everything positive that is happening in & around St Neots,

Our aim is to use the app as a hub to collaborate with positive thinkers & doers, to inform, educate & spark positive change.

As well as supporting the high street & cultivating a vibrant town centre, we will work to prevent the

'communities' that appear naturally through new build housing projects from becoming disconnected

& use the 'connection' we establish to benefit young & old alike.


A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social network. It's about feeling connected and responsible for what happens.



Mark Hansard & Gary Lee met nearly 20 years ago when presenters on community radio in Biggleswade.

In 2016, then Directors of Black Cat Radio, they were instrumental in bringing full time radio to St Neots.

As volunteers, the pair have always been serious about supporting the town, working closely with. the local council, businesses and organisations, so it made sense to form a community organisation that embodies their passion for creating a connected and vibrant community.

To connect with Mark        To connect with Gary

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